Sherrie Fernandez-Williams, Goddess of the Whole Self

“To tell the truth is to become beautiful, to begin to love yourself, value yourself. And that’s political, in its most profound way.”

June Jordan

In this episode, Lissa talks with writer Sherrie Fernandez-Williams about her latest work, Goddess of the Whole Self (In Line Press 2023), her inspirations, and her origin story.

The Remembrance of Sister June (June Jordan) reignited my love for her!  Having been reduced like soup stock, I know JuanitaPaying homage to black woman sisterhood derived from Ancestral inspiration is like food for the soul and now I know that tea is an answer! Poet, Sherrie Fernandez-Williams, thank you for the freedom to recognize and honor the Goddess of my Whole Self!

—Lissa Jones,


Episode 75 – Sherrie Fernandez-Williams, Goddess of the Whole Self

In this episode, Lissa talks with author Sherrie Fernandez-Williams about her latest book, Goddess of the Whole Self, inspirations and origin stories. Go Deeper at

Goddess of the Whole Self is a celebration of a divine feminine that bridges the wonders and the wounds of womanhood. Here, Sherrie Fernandez-Williams explores embodied geographies with fertile Black grounds where ancestral stories, stories that survey “the ground where they once stood” share space and time with poems that measure “the distance between selves.”  At once deeply relational and autobiographical, her writing is salted with the sweat of real being and layered with homegrown love.
—Arleta Little,



An excerpt from Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: Poems in the wake of racial injustice, featuring Sherrie Fernandez-Williams.

The original video, featuring nine poets, was produced in partnership with filmed in George Floyd Square in Minneapolis. Poetry a chapbook published by Rain Taxi and edited by Mary Moore Easter. Purchase a copy of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, visit


Sherrie talks about the power of June Jordan as inspiration.

Listen to June performing About My Rights.


 T’ai Freedom Ford How to Get Over (Red Hen Press, 2017)

Mai Der Vang, Yellow Rain, (Graywolf Press 2021)

Erin Sharkey, A Darker Wilderness: Black Nature Writing from Soil to Stars (Milkweed Editions 2023)

 Shannon Gibney, The Girl I Am, Was, and Never Will Be, (Penguin Random House 2023)

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